Kindergarten Update

Popular question we’ve been getting lately is… “So how is kindergarten going???”

Short answer: TOTALLY AWESOME!

Long answer: Sam endlessly talks about all his awesome friends from school.  His amazing teacher has been great to work with.  Sam is beginning writing with purpose and surprisingly well (his brother was not fond of good penmanship).  He has taken to reading very well, he’s excited to read TO us at bedtime now.  He’s had his first evaluation and everything is looking good.  We talked to his PE teacher and she said there has been only one activity she’s had to help him adapt, the crab walk (that’s hard to do with two hands). The kids recently had their first music program with a Thanksgiving theme.  Here’s one of the songs they performed.

Sam is in the second row, part of the “brown feathers” group (closest to the camera).

We hope you’re doing well!  Leave us a comment to let us know what you are up to or if you have questions!!

Coming soon, second day of kindergarten surprise special speaker complete with video clip!

Helping Hands Midwest Picnic Video

Two years in a row we’ve compiled photos from the great weekend that is the Helping Hands Midwest picnic. Such a great time with so many amazing families. Check it out if you’re in the midwest.

Music by the wonderful Tony Memmel.
Can’t wait for the 2014 Helping Hands Midwest Picnic!

Sam is starting Kindergarten

We’re so excited for Sam to start Kindergarten next week… and nervous.

Sam is a younger brother, so it’s not that Elementary School is a new and unexplored territory for us.  We’re nervous because we’re not sure how this whole classroom of strangers is going to treat him and his limb difference.  We want to be the optimist that says, “Everything will be fine, everyone will just accept him as he is and they’ll all play together in harmony!” but that’s not very likely.  The opposite view is just as unlikely.  The reality will end up somewhere between.  We wonder aloud, “Have we prepared him enough? Have we given him the tools to meet any situation he will face at a new school?”  The answer is, of course, “no” but we feel like we’ve given him a framework of skills to help him approach the situations he may face.
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My Special Hand – Episode 15 – Camp No Limits Missouri 2013

Songs in this episode courtesy Tony Memmel:
Summer FUN!!!
Our first trip to Camp No Limits ( in Missouri, June 2013. What a great time with an AMAZING bunch of people! There was so much to do with so many new friends. We will definitely be back next year!! Check out their webpage to see where the nearest camp is to you and check them out yourself.

What fun stuff have you done this summer?

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My Special Hand -Episode 14 – Snapping with a Lucky Fin

Our friend Ryan from The Lucky Fin Project – – shows us how she snaps with her lucky fin. This video is a first in a series of Visitor Videos. We are blessed to have such great friends at the Lucky Fin Project!!

What unique skill do you have?

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